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Apparently, when someone applies for a Program Director position at a radio station, they need to include a line or two about their ‘radio philosophy’.  My brother and his ex-wife have been in radio for years.  On his climb up the corporate ladder, my brother developed his radio philosophy – “If it isn’t/wasn’t a hit, don’t play it”.  His wife-at-the-time had the following philosophy – “We must educate the people.  We must bring them Toad the Wet Sprocket“.

I received a call the other day.  A couple is interviewing agents to be their representative, as buyers.  That’s awesome!  Very savvy.  I have an interview with these people later this month and I’ve been prepping myself since the call ended…

  • What will I say?
  • Why should they choose me and not someone else? 
  • What’s my real estate philosophy?

Who knew I was going to have to take a page out of my brother’s book and figure out a philosophy for real estate?

So, I figured it out…it combines both my brother’s and ex-sister-in-law’s ideas.  If it doesn’t work, don’t do it and if they don’t know something, tell them.  I’m not going to pretend to be someone I’m not.  I’ll be a failure at that.  I was just thinking today how much I wish I were the kind of person who listens more than talks and who, when they speak, everyone pays attention to because they never speak!  But I’ll never be that person, so I won’t try.

As for the second part, people don’t need an agent to find them a house anymore.  The Internet can fill that role nicely if it’s used that way.  What I can provide is information of a different kind…how to negotiate, what to look for, best bets for re-sale, the builder’s and other agent’s reputation in our marketplace.

Phew.  Glad I worked that out.  I’ll let you know if I get the job.

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