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Earth Day will be belatedly celebrated in West Richland with the Annual Clean-up Day on Saturday, April 19th. Household garbage can be completely disposed of at Enterprise Middle School (5200 Paradise Way) from 8-3 on Saturday. For free!
Even hazardous waste (household only, nothing commercial) will be taken care of, too. Used motor oil, anti-freeze, paint, pesticides, old propane tanks, etc. can be taken care of (in short, removed far away from you!). Call the Public Works Department (957-5434) before Friday if you have a question about whether something is ok to throw away at the site. Also, new this year, you can get rid of old tires (separated from the rims). But that’s at 4951 W. Van Giesen, right by the West Richland Post Office.

There will be separate lines for chipping branches (totally needed with the wind we have around here, constantly hurling branches off of trees!), household garbage and hazardous waste. Those lines are off of S. 54th, so line up there. Get an early start, as lines are shortest in the am.

You can even make more than one trip – unlimited being the key word, actually. Just make sure all of your loads are secured with ropes or tarps (otherwise you might have a fine of $101).

I hope I don’t need to remind any of you that a cleaned-up property adds value to your own home and to the neighborhood around you. Better value = more equity for you when you sell. And, even if you never sell and leave the house to the kids, then at least the view out your living room window won’t be of some beater truck with the tires propped up nearby, but not on the vehicle!

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