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When it comes to landscaping, many people’s first thought is about beauty and improving the look of your property. Beautiful landscaping plays a huge role in creating curb appeal.

But landscaping is more than just looks; it plays a lot of practical roles, too, in improving your quality of life and your home’s overall value. A well-placed tree, for example, can help keep your home cool in the summer and help you save money on air conditioning. Closely-trimmed bushes near the home can help minimize fire danger. In rainy locales, professional landscapers know that part of their job is controlling storm water runoff and making sure there’s little chance of flooding/pooling around the house.

In the Tri-Cities, we’re blessed to have a lot of reliable, high-quality landscaping companies who create award-winning yards with both beauty and purpose. Whether you’re building a new home or moving in to one that needs some outdoor upgrades, or planning to sell your home and want to increase its curb appeal, you’ll have plenty of options.

Here’s our Tri-Cities landscaping company cheat sheet to help you make the right choice. Be sure to do your own due diligence and research each company’s past work, online reviews, etc. At the bottom, we’ve put all of these companies on a Google Map to help you find them. (If we missed your favorite, let us know so we can update our list!)

A-1 Landscaping & Fencing 1120 E. 23rd Avenue, Kennewick 582-7133 Website
A&H Landscaping 1712 N. 15th Avenue, Pasco 366-3868 Website
C&M Landscaping & Nursery 2517 Van Giesen Street, Richland 946-0221 Website
Epic Lawn Care & Landscaping 705 S. Union Street, Kennewick 783-1896 Website
Gamache Landscaping 1212 Columbia Park Trail, Richland 735-9100 Website
Greenworks Landscaping & Maintenance 6908 W. Argent Road, Pasco 528-8873 Website
Heritage Landscaping and Nursery 2816 W. 27th Avenue, Kennewick 586-0744 Website
Huesitos Landscaping 1506 E. Salt Lake Street, Pasco 544-0120 Website
J. Reynolds Landscaping West Richland 578-8393 Website
Jesse’s Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping 6418 W. Deschutes Avenue, Kennewick 734-9536 Website
Job’s Nursery & Landscaping 4072 Columbia River Road, Pasco 547-4843 Website
Legacy Lawn & Landscape 4315 Messara Lane, Pasco 521-6567 Website
Musser Landscaping Kennewick 440-1942 Website
Native Plant Landscaping and Restoration 4604 E. Robin Court, West Richland (877) 314-8818 Website
Patridge Landscaping Kennewick 628-1755 Website
Sage Design Group 8350 W. Grandridge Blvd Suite 200, Kennewick 579-0060 Website
SunScapes 1956 Saint Street, Richland 375-0603 Website
Wildlands, Inc 1941 Saint Street, Richland 375-4177 Website
Wood’s Nursery 2615 Van Giesen Street, Richland 943-1926 Website

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