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I’ve heard before that soup kitchens and Gospel Missions and charities, etc., are besieged with help around the holidays. This is probably because in the season of peace and goodwill, people feel anxious to share their good fortune. As long as they’re buying a doll for their daughter, they’ll buy another for a child who has less. As long as they’re going to stuff their tummies to repletion, they might as well make sure those without food or a table have both on the fourth Thursday in November. When we snuggle in under the cozy comforter or crank up the electric blanket, we give a thought to the people shivering under a layer of cardboard beaten perilously by the elements.

But, if we stop to think about it, of course there are people who need help all year. Just because the sun is shining and it’s 80 degrees at night, doesn’t mean that someone wouldn’t prefer to sleep with a roof over his or her head. Because it’s vacation season doesn’t mean people aren’t going to get seriously ill. And because stray dogs and cats can get spare bowls of water from people up and down a street, doesn’t mean that little puppy won’t need a home soon.

So I am thrilled to announce a major charity event Windermere and Toyota of Tri-Cities are co-sponsoring –

It’s Our Ship! with Mike Abrashoff is coming to the Tri-Cities!!

We’ve had leadership conferences (via simulcast) here before, and we’ve had major leaders speak as they’ve traveled through town (as part of a campaign stop), but nothing of this caliber has appeared in our fair burg.

Mr. Abrashoff worked for the US Navy, and instead of doing things the way they’d always been done, he decided to take a new approach. All kinds of good things followed.

Now he is coming to speak at the Toyota Center here in good ol’ Kennewick, WA. We’ll hear leadership stories and management techniques from someone who knows what he’s talking about.

All proceeds from the event will benefit –

U.S. Troop Care Package

The First Tee Columbia Basin

Benton/Franklin Volunteer Center

Domestic Violence Services of Benton and Franklin Counties

Tri-Cities Cancer Center

Benton-Franklin Humane Society

Boys and Girl Club of Benton and Franklin Counties

Catholic Family and Child Services

Elijah Family Homes

Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science and Technology (CREHST)

Tickets are $15.00 each, $12.00 if you buy a block of 25 or more. Be sure to snag your ticket fast This kind of thing doesn’t usually happen here in the Tri-Cities.

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