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And if you live here you know that already! This article appeared in the Tri-City Herald yesterday, confirming what many of us with friends on the west side already knew.

A couple profiled in the article had moved here from Bellevue and the reporter drew the following comparison –

Their Richland home cost about a third as much as their $825,000 Bellevue house and is bigger and nicer. And their utility bill is about $260 a month, instead of the $400 they paid in Bellevue.

And my favorite quote is this one –

“There’s nothing that we need that is not here,” said Bill, a retired Boeing engineer.

I agree, except there is no Nordstrom and no In-N-Out Burger. But I’m willing to sacrifice for more money in my purse (which could be designer if I spent money on that sort of thing because I have the extra coin due to where I live, see how it all ties together??).

The article goes on to say that our cost of living and other features of the Tri-Cities attracts employers and diverse companies to consider relocating to the area. Which is a huge positive as we work to distance ourselves from it-can’t-last-forever commerce around The Area, as all the nuclear stuff is called.

I love the saying about certain other cities across the US – like, Lubbock, TX – it’s a nice place to be…from. Here, if you throw in the 300 days of sunshine we’re not the place you want to be from. We’re the place you want to be.

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