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In the interest of full disclosure, I have to break ranks with mothers everywhere and confess that the first time I dropped my son off at daycare when he was 13- weeks-old, I did not cry or worry or wring my hands.  I had only been a mom for three months, and the women taking care of my boy had been moms/grandmothers for YEARS.  Surely they knew what they were doing, I thought.  I knew that I barely had a clue.

Time went on, I had another child, and both wound up at Kid’s World Childcare in West Richland.  And now I must also admit that I thought the daycare should pay me for the honor of watching my children for the day.  Surprisingly, this didn’t catch on with the owner.

Fast forward a few years and my kids are in school, so daycare is not an issue for us.  BUT, it is for clients moving to the area.  An agent wrote all of us in the office the following e-mail a few weeks ago –

Good Morning~
I have a couple with a young child moving here from out of state.  Having no small children, I am seeking quality daycare providers in Richland for their child. Does anyone have a recommendation they would like to pass along?
Please email or call me with the name of such. Thank you. Have a great week.

I immediately responded –

Kid’s World Childcare is where I sent both of the amazing and talented and intelligent McGee children.They have a Richland location…but I sent mine to the West Richland location, plus they’re in Pasco, too.

A few day later the agent stopped me to tell me that her clients loved Kid’s World and their offspring is on the waiting list.  They had apparently visited five different places, and walked in and immediately out of three of them.  Kid’s World was their #1 pick.

It’s good to know that where I sent my kids is still a favorite option for others.

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