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Number One… There’s a whole lot of screwing around going on. Because there can be a whole lot of unaccounted-for time. No one ever seems to have to be anywhere at a particular hour. Plus, people love to make double entendres around the words ‘negotiation’, ‘inspection’, and ‘offer’, which naturally leads to other activities.

Number Two… There is a lot of swapping that goes on (no, this is not the same as #1!). Someone works for one brokerage and then another and then a different one, then they go back to the first broker. Just like someone works at Newman Enterprises, then at Jabot Cosmetics, then they get into modeling, but eventually find themselves back at Newman again.

Number Three… Just when you think you’ve got that listing in the bag, a long-lost relative comes out of the woodwork and lists the house instead.

Number Four… There’s a guy who used to be the leading man, but now you only hear from him when he lists estate properties on the river. Which is actually a good thing, because he does a lot of mumbling and no one understands him anyway.

Number Five… People go to prison for bad choices. Really, they do. It’s not just a device used to advance the plotline.

Thanks to Darren Rowse for this really fun idea for a contest. I had a blast writing it!

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