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It’s snowing in the Tri-Cities! And it’s really coming down. Two weeks to the day when it could have been a White Christmas.  Ah, well…

I was listening to Delilah on the radio (don’t make fun of me, she’s so soothing!) a few weeks ago and someone wrote a letter recounting her favorite Christmas memory.  The woman grew up in southern California and as a child, her dad used to do something pretty special every Christmas.  He’d awaken at some crazy hour (after a night, I’m sure, of assembling bicycles and dollhouses and race tracks) and drive to the mountains.  He’d load the back of his pick-up with snow and drive home and unshovel it onto the front yard.  Every Christmas he created a magical playland for his children and all the neighborhood kids.  They’d build snowmen and have snowball fights and then everyone would troop home to open their presents.  But what a gift they’d already received!

Now every time I see snow I think of that man and the joy he brought to his community.  I think that’s what being a good nieghbor is about.

And that’s the kind of thing a Realtor wouldn’t necessarily know about and that’s one of the many reasons I can’t tell you what is a good neighborhood and what isn’t. 

There are legal ramifications to what I can and can’t say, too and one of my favorite bloggers addressed this recently – Theresa Boardman at St. Paul Real Estate

Here’s the best(or worst, depending on your perspective) part – it snows in EVERY neighborhood, good, bad and in between. 

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