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When I was a student at Pepperdine University, we had the Thursday Night Movie.  Admission was $1.00 per person, or $1.00 per couple.  You’d find a lot of guys hanging out around the entrance to Elkins Auditorium looking for someone suitable to grab and take in as their “date”.  After all, you could save .50 and maybe get to know someone new in the bargain. This was waaay before NBC’s Must-See-TV Thursday Night, I might add.

So, I still kind of look at Thursdays as a good movie-watching day. In consideration of that, I present this historical timeline of real estate. I think it’s fun because I noted points on the coaster for buyers I know.  For example, my favorite fictional couple, Betsy and Joe Willard, probably bought around 1914, my parents bought the house in which I grew up in 1965, and my husband and I bought our house in the late 90’s. 

Look at all that entertainment, and you don’t even need to scrounge up a buck!

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  1. Entirely possible. You were the one who paid, remember? 🙂 I just remember it being a tiny amount of money that was kind of funny when you looked at it…why were we trying to find someone to enter with, if it was such a small amount we were saving?

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