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I’ve mentioned before that it fascinates me that different communities have unwritten rules.  It amazes me when an entire subset of the population has rules or codes they employ.  And, when you become a member of that group, you find out the dirt.  You find out information that is important for you to know.

There is a builder in town that I thought, because they are locally-based, would do a good job for my clients.  There is a builder from out of town that I have no hesitation telling my clients to stay very far away from.  But, an in-town builder?  Someone born and raised here would surely be a person of their word, right?  They’d realize that if they mess things up locally with Realtors and with their clients, the clients are going to talk.  And, pretty soon their reputation will be trashed and they’ll have nowhere to hide because they’re local. 

But this local builder?  Horrible follow-through.  Great house, well-built.  But the little tiny things that need to be taken care of before a house is fit for comfortable living?  Not being done.  They got their money from my clients and -boom!- it’s as if they’ve vanished.

I wanted to write to the builder and say , “Hey!  Just FYI, I work with about 100 other agents, and I’m a talker.  I tell everybody everything I can.  I impart that insider information that you get when you become a part of a subset of the population.  So, unless you want everyone who asks me, ‘Hey, Cari, whom do you recommend we build with?’ to hear, ‘Anyone BUT you, Mr. Builder’, you need to step it up.”

Well, my broker said I shouldn’t.  So, I’m blogging about it instead.  Drop me a line and I’ll tell you right away who it is.  And, here’s the best part…by reading this blog you know I’m a law-and-order/obey-the-rules kind of gal…I’m not disobeying any laws about representation.  I can’t tell you anything about my clients.  But I can say all I want about the builder who screwed them over.

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