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In the sixth grade, I sat next to a boy named David Jackson.  David had dark red hair and freckles and I remember thinking he was cute. 

David was also smart (hey, I’ve always been a sucker for a guy with a high IQ).  In our class, you were allowed to wander over to the library/game area of the room if you finished your work early.  One day, David came back to our table with a chess set. “Want to play?” he asked.  I had just learned the basic moving patterns of the pieces and was excited to play with a non-family member.

“Sure!” I said.  And we began to play.

Game after game David won.  We’d begin a match, set the board aside when the teacher told us to work on our assignments, and then play again when we were finished.  Every stinking time David won.

Finally I said, “I don’t get it.  How come you always win?”

“I think ahead,” he told me. “I try to anticipate your next move and the move after that, and I play to the future.”

I remember scoffing at that.  “How could anyone predict the future?” I wondered.

The next day we began playing as usual, but I started to try to figure out David’s next move.  Steadily, I began to take the lead.  I was working David’s king into a nice little checkmate situation.  Everyone was lining up for recess and as David made one more move, Darrin Blizzard walked by and deliberately and maliciously swept all the pieces to the floor.

We didn’t play again after that.  I think our teacher moved us to different tables.

But what David taught me has been part of my mindset ever since.

I was in a class this last week, learning to be a Certified Negotiation Expert.  I realized that I already did quite a few of the suggested actions.  I definitely already conducted my business as follows…

Think DOUBLE.  Thinking double means anticipating what the other side will say or want in a given area of the negotiation, and being prepared with a response when appropriate.  When a home Seller exclaims “I won’t pay that high of a commission” a real estate agent better be prepared with the appropriate response!  Skilled negotiators think “If I say this, they might come back with that, and if they come back with that, I’ll come back with this.”  Thinking double makes you better prepared to deal with issues and concerns in the heat of the battle.

(taken from http://www.negotiatormagazine.com/article359_2.html written by the teacher of the CNE class)

Few people naturally think ahead.  Somewhere along the way they learn about strategic planning.  I was blessed to have learned how at the ripe old age of twelve.  And my clients get the benefit because I am able to negotiate great deals for them.  All thanks to David Jackson.  So, thanks, David, wherever you are!

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