Lisa Knuter-Peach

Chief Administrative Officer

I grew up on the outskirts of the Tri-Cities, after my parents moved us from Southern California, to my mom's hometown, because my dad thought it was a better place to raise children. I have fond memories of growing up in the country, near the river.

After getting married, I moved to my husband's hometown of Melbourne, Australia. I worked for an advertising company that specialized in real estate and fell in love with the behind-the-scenes aspects of real estate. After eight years, we moved back to the Tri-Cities to be closer to my aging parents, and because I felt -- like my father -- that it was a great place to raise children.

I worked for The Real Estate Book, Tri-Cities, for over five years, which is how I first met Cari, and when the opportunity came up to work for her, it was a no-brainer. Cari is the epitome of joy and clearly loves what she does and does an extraordinary job for her clients, which is why she's so successful. My role is to support her and other agents on our growing team, to free them up to do what they do best. I look forward to being in on the ground floor of the Cari McGee Real Estate Team!