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Sat down with the husband and our nine-year-old son last night to watch HGTV’S House Hunters. Normally, they’re watching sports, but for whatever reason, they were watching that show.  I joined them and we saw a couple working with a realtor, looking for a five-bedroom house.   My son Sean asked me if showing houses was hard work.  I replied that it wasn’t difficult, but it was taxing.  I explained that I was always “on”, always happy, and I could never really relax while I was showing houses. 

My husband Matt chuckled and asked, “Wouldn’t it be a blast to spy on Mommy while she was showing houses?  We could hear her say, ‘And this is the dining room…'”

I replied that I don’t say that kind of thing.  I don’t point out the obvious. To which my husband responded, “What?  Do you walk into the house and become mute?”

I fixed him with the stare that comes naturally upon the instant you say ‘I do’, and explained further, “I help people connect the dots.  I don’t say, ‘Here is wood cabinetry in the kitchen.’  They can see it’s wood cabinetry for themselves.  I would say instead, ‘This looks like cherry, but it’s actually birch with a plum stain.  It really gives a high-end look without the pricetag.’  Most people can’t make that jump on their own.  They don’t know that just by observation.”

I recently read an interview with a realtor, Bryant Tutas, in which he said he didn’t sell houses; he solved problems. And, until they invented a computer program which did that, he’d still have a job. Well, my husband and son (and grandkids, for that matter), will be able to try to visualize what I do for the rest of their lives because I, too, will always have a job.  Well, I’ll have a job, that is, until they develop the elusive software which connects the dots for you, is mass produced and available for $39.99 at your local electronics store!

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Hi, I'm Cari McGee. 👋 I've lived in the Tri-Cities since 1994 and I've been a licensed Realtor® since 2004. That's a lot of local knowledge and real estate experience that I put into every article you read on my website! We've helped more than 560 families buy or sell property in the Tri-Cities. In 2023, our community voted us the bronze winner for Best Real Estate Team in the Tri-Cities Best voting. Learn more about me by clicking the link right above. And if you have any questions, get in touch anytime!


  1. Cari- Great post. A good Realtor answers the non obvious questions, points out unbiased pros and cons of a property, helps clients make accurate comparables to other properities shown and gives information deeper than the surface (upgrades, neighborhood, value).

    You’re not a tour guide!

  2. Thanks! A lot of people think (and maybe it is because of shows like House Hunters?) that all the Realtor does IS act as tour guide. There are a lot of reasons I show homes, but pointing out the convenient half-bath on the first floor is not one of them!

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