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It’s a great question that seems to rear its head every so often.  However, last year they formed a taskforce to investigate further and the taskforce just released their findings – and guess what they think?  According to the Tri-City Herald article

The task force recommends having an independent study done to address the questions, challenges and opportunities identified in the report, which lists pros and cons of consolidation for improving municipal and county government.

O-K, so no real answer, just the conclusion that it’s a HUGE decision to make.  There are several factors to consider – financial implications and the political clout we, as a larger city, might wield among them.

The issue has been brought before the voters before, but recent changes to our area have made the issue something we might want to explore anew.  The taskforce’s report noted these items in particular –

  • A statewide 1 percent property tax growth cap, which is forcing more efficiencies in government.
  • Greater public interest in regional facilities such as an aquatic center, another Columbia River bridge and a performing arts center.
  • A teetering national financial system.

The cities already work together well on several fronts, so we’ve proved that it can be done, at least on a limited scale.

So, readers, what do YOU think?

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  1. I vote ‘Yes!’
    Call the one big city “Columbia”. A single large city makes sense now that the individual cities have run over all boundaries between the old city lines.

  2. Cool idea for a name, Bob! I’m still a little torn, though. I really like the idea of being able to take advantage of the benefits of a big city, but I’d hate it if each of the exisiting cities lost its unique personality.

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