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Usually once a week I hear from a salesperson, “affiliated with Yahoo”, who wants me to pay for some search engine ranking service.  I cut them short with, “You know what, my husband is an SEO, so I’m not going to need your services.  Thank you for calling.” 

Yesterday, I got a call from an SEO company.  The salesperson didn’t actually claim to be with an SEO company.  First he told me he had found my site while looking for land in Oregon.  Then he said he had googled my name in and I came up right away.  But when he googled ‘Tri-Cities, WA real estate’, I was not on the first page, and did I realize that people who know my name are going to find me anyway, but people looking for Tri-Cities, WA real estate weren’t going to find me if I wasn’t on the first page??  He asked me to go to his site, which I did, and search engine optimization is in the name.   I tried to get off the phone then and he said he’d call back another time.

Here’s the thing…if he’s going to all the trouble to google my name in and look at my site, he should go one click further and click on my blog.  There, on the first page he’ll find a post about my husband, the SEO.  I am not going to need the services of an SEO company when I am married to one.

Over on Bloodhound Blog, the always spot-on Brian Brady talks about knowing your customer .  He couldn’t be more correct.  If one click, or one phone call, or one question is going to give you the information you need in order to make the sale or to know if you’re wasting your time, then do it!!

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