Rockstar Rewards

Let’s start with a question:

Who’s your Realtor?

If your answer to that is “The Cari McGee Real Estate Team!,” then you’re eligible to join Rockstar Rewards! If a friend tells you they’re thinking about buying or selling a home, and your first reaction is to give them our name, you’re eligible to join Rockstar Rewards.

If you can put up with free stuff, special events and occasional messages from your favorite real estate team, Rockstar Rewards is for you! It’s a program that allows us to give thanks to our best friends and clients for your past business and referrals — our “rockstars.” You don’t have to do or buy anything. You’ve already shown that we’re your Realtor of choice for personal real estate business and real estate referrals, and that makes you a rockstar in our eyes!

The program has two levels:

Level 1: Rockstars

When you join Rockstar Rewards, here’s what you’ll get at the Rockstar level:

  • A monthly email in which we’ll offer you a free gift or access to a special/private Rockstars-only event.
  • An occasional text message reminding you about gift pickup times or when to arrive for the special event.
  • A private Facebook group where we post a couple times a month with reminders about the gifts and events we’re offering.

Just by saying that we’re your Realtors, you’re a Rockstar and we’ll thank you with free gift offers every month.

Level 2: VIPs

If you refer a friend to us that leads to an appointment, we’ll bump you up from Rockstar level to VIP level. VIPs get all of the Rockstar level gift offers, and more! As a VIP, you’ll get:

  • A Starbucks gift card pre-loaded with $10 available.
  • We’ll reload it with another $10 every month for six (6) months.
  • For each additional referral you send that leads to an appointment, we’ll put a $25 bonus on your card and add six months to it.

There’s no limit to that extension, so you could be getting free coffee for years just by sending us regular referrals!

Want to join?

Here’s that question again: Who’s your Realtor?

If your answer is us, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch promptly with more information.

  • (Rockstar Rewards is only available to Tri-Cities area residents.)
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