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They’re plummeting locally. OK, it’s very local, as in just in my city, on my street, at my house.

A couple years ago, we bought a new refrigerator.  In the process of removing the old one and dragging it out to the garage in order for it to be the designated soda pop/extra milk fridge, we scuffed up the vinyl flooring.  “Scuffed up” isn’t right, actually. “Completely tore a hole into” is more accurate.

Okay then, when we go to sell, we’ll replace the floor in the kitchen and we’ll be all set.

Not so fast.

A few weeks ago, we had a small fire on a stovetop burner, and in the process of extinguishing the fire, we set a hot pan on top of the formica countertop.  Yup, scorch marks on the counter.

So, we’ll replace the floors and the countertops and we’ll be ready.

Weeeeeell, today we discovered that our daughter had done some remodeling of her own in the kitchen, on the door leading out to the dog’s sleeping area –

Kids and Dogs Don't MIx

Which means we’re going to have to replace the door, too.  Heavy sigh!

Yes, she wrote it in permanent marker, but I removed it with some non-acetone nail polish remover.

When you sell your home, it’s important to make it look like no one has ever lived there.  It needs to smell like no one has ever lived there. It needs to feel like no one has ever lived there, but when the new owner moves in, they’ll love living there.  This isn’t too easy to do.  However, the most important thing you can do is erase all traces of the stories that took place there.  It’s hard to paint over the marks measuring how tall the kids were in ’02 and ’03 and ’04, etc.  So take a picture, blog about it, and sell your house!

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