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It’s nearly impossible. Apartment occupancy rates are high, and homes for rent are snapped up the moment they hit the MLS, IF they even get there, which is rare.

Here’s why – people have moved here because we have jobs. They’d probably like to buy a home here and settle in, but they can’t buy if they’re still trying to sell their home back in the town from which they’ve just moved. Sooo, they’re renting. And there are a lot of people like that, which makes the rental market pretty tight.

I suppose in some areas of the country, real estate agents help people find rentals, instead of places to purchase. I don’t do that. My colleagues don’t do that. If you call me and want to know about renting here, I will encourage you to call Alan Kowalski … he is our property management guru, and he can be reached at 509-521-3494.

I get a lot of calls from people wanting to rent a place, or lease-to-own, and I really wish I could help them, but I can’t. I focus on finding homes for people to purchase within the next few months, not rent and then purchase.

This is my blanket apology for everyone who calls and wants me to help them find a rental. I’m sorry. I really wish I could help you, but I can’t.

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  1. That’s kind of funny — I got a wrong number call yesterday and the guy was asking me if I had anything for rent…. even after I told him I was a wrong number and not the real estate people he was trying to reach.

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