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Are you thinking about doing some home renovations? Maybe expanding to add some extra space? This is a popular time of year for projects like those.

If so, be sure you go with the flow!

Here’s what I mean: When you’re planning out the project, give some thought to how the changes will impact the flow of your floor plan.

Perhaps your idea is to convert part of your garage into an extra bedroom. Maybe you want to add an office where the patio is or add a bedroom at the end of a hallway, just off the family room.

But think about the flow of your floor plan. Is it really a good idea to have a bedroom just off the loudest room of the house, where everyone gathers to watch TV? Or to have a bedroom right off the kitchen? Is it a good idea to have to go through the sleeping section of the house to get to the entertaining section of the house?

More square footage doesn’t always make your home more attractive. When it comes time to sell your home, you might turn away a lot of buyers if the floorplan doesn’t have a natural and logical flow.

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I've been a licensed Realtor since 2004. I earned my managing broker's license in 2016, which means I can run my own brokerage, or create a team of real estate agents and supervise them, which is exactly what I did when I formed the Cari McGee Real Estate Team in 2018! We have administrative and marketing personnel, as well as additional agents to serve you. I became a director of the Tri-Cities Association of Realtors Board of Directors in 2016, became Secretary/Treasurer of the organization, and was elected to Vice President in 2019.

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