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I just got a new iPhone, and I LOVE it!!!  A blackberry technically would have been better, because then I would have had access to the local MLS, which for some unknown reason isn’t navigable on a Mac-based system.

But, who cares?  I can use it like a cell phone, listen to some iTunes while I wait for a client, play games,  check out Twitter, and do the on-the-spot kind of research I need to do when someone bets me if The Loneliest Runner is based on Michael Landon’s life or not.

The sheer beauty of having and utilizing an iPhone in my business was brought into focus this week; day 5 of owning it, actually. I had a client heading in to her signing in Spokane (buying down here, but lives up there and couldn’t get down to sign during this week), and she needed to make sure the items on her inspection repair list had been completed.  If they weren’t, she wasn’t going to sign, and closing would have been delayed and unnecessary snafus would have arisen.

So I drove over to her future condo and took a picture of the one item that hadn’t been repaired by the reinspect the day before and then, wait for it…E-MAILED HER THE PHOTO. Yay!!!  She got the pic, was satisfied that the necessary fixes had occurred, signed and tomorrow it should officially be hers.

See the pic yourself –

img 0004

Nice to know that the fate of a real estate transaction can hang on the balance of some pixels.

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