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Did you ever stop to wonder how smoke detectors work? Every house needs at least one. Even in the very oldest homes, that were built before it became the law, one is recommended for each bedroom and in the hall leading to the bedrooms. Sometimes I’ll sell a house without a smoke detector, and we don’t even think about it until the inspector points out that there isn’t one in the house. They cost less than ten dollars and can save your life.

I’ve written countless posts around this article about Tri-Cities home sales, and I keep deleting them. They’re kind of all over the map in this- Business is great, but business is down. People here are worried about gas and food prices, and jobs at Hanford, but everything here is peachy keen and it’s a great time to buy. Which is it? Answer – truly, we’re riding a hiring wave, so it is a very good time to buy if it makes sense for YOU and your life picture.
These guys are building green in a really cool way.

Sometimes when I’m out showing houses, people want to, well, use the facilities. That’s fine when there’s running water in the house – but if I’m showing a vacant, winterized house, we’ve got a problem. Not any more – I’m bookmarking this site for the future.
And, finally, the McGee household was all atwitter this week, as my husband joined the social media extravaganza that is Twitter. If you’re on it as well, follow him – the faster he gets to 500 followers, the faster $1000 goes to the AWF!

That’s all for now. I’m offline next week (quelle horror!), so no posts for a while.


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