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We have entered the experience economy.

Did you ever take a ride in a taxi? If so, you probably had a lot of questions and concerns: How long would it take to get to the destination? How much would it cost? Would you have enough money? Would the cabbie have change if you needed it back? Did you have to call the dispatcher? They might tell you the cab would be there in five minutes but you were actually stuck there for 45!

Uber, and the ride share companies that came after, changed all of that…no worries about payment, change, time in the cab, an extra-long route, time for the cab to get to you. You have almost all of that information as soon as you book the trip. ALL OF THE CONCERNS are removed.

And now, we want everything to be that easy. We want everything to have an app. Push a button, and it arrives.

Want a book? A sweater? A can-opener? Fire up your Amazon Prime account and it’s on your doorstep, in just a day or so, sometimes, in only hours.

Buying and selling real estate is going to be that way soon, too. An experience. Just two weeks ago I heard at a Keller Williams class that some agents across the country are getting negative reviews because they found the house/sold the house…but the client wasn’t WOWED.

So, what does all this mean? It means that every single agent, in order to stay in business and have a career worth having, will need to step up his or her game. Hopefully, it also will mean the part-time agents will get out of real estate. There are agents who just stay licensed to help out family members, or to make a “little extra money in the good economy.” But an agent who sells fewer than twelve houses a year won’t break even, when you consider the costs associated with holding a license. Plus, those agents don’t provide the extraordinary experience someone who has sold more than twenty houses a year provides. And extraordinary here is simply someone who knows what he or she is doing and can navigate potential pitfalls!

I am SO excited that I have an amazing brokerage that supports my trajectory, with excellent leadership, and a coach who will be sure I am right where I need to be in order to be ahead of the curve the whole time.

Watch out, Tri-Cities … the experience has just started.

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Hi, I'm Cari McGee. 👋 I've lived in the Tri-Cities since 1994 and I've been a licensed Realtor® since 2004. That's a lot of local knowledge and real estate experience that I put into every article you read on my website! We've helped more than 560 families buy or sell property in the Tri-Cities. In 2023, our community voted us the bronze winner for Best Real Estate Team in the Tri-Cities Best voting. Learn more about me by clicking the link right above. And if you have any questions, get in touch anytime!

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