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I recently moved from one real estate brokerage to another. I have a lot of friends at the brokerage where I left, and only one at the new place. Change isn’t something I tackle with ease, and when I was discussing making the move with my real estate coach, he asked me to tell him the six words I associated with making this move. I came up with focused, freedom, brave, directed, powerful and strong.

Then, knowing that I process best through writing, he asked me to do a blog post, once each week, for six weeks, on a different word from my list. Now, the fifth in the series – powerful.

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I’ve never been pessimistic, so that’s not a concern for me. And I’ve always been optimistic, so, obviously, it’s easy for me. That said, as I’ve stated before, making this move because I believed there was a better option for me, made me feel in control. I had the power to make a change for the better. That’s heady stuff when you realize it!

I’m discovering, with all the words I’m using for this series, that they’re all rather nuanced and have multiple definitions. Power is certainly one of those words! For me, in this sense, it’s power over ME that I’m tapping in to. I am powerful enough to determine my course. I am the rudder.

Six weeks ago today was my last day at the old brokerage. I still sometimes feel the power, though. I’ll reflect on what I’m building, and the optimism I’m displaying in doing so, and it feels wonderful!

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