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I went with my 10-year-old son to the Mariner’s Caravan event at CBC last night.  Pitchers Eric O’Flaherty and Mark Lowe answered questions and autographed everything handed to them.  The Mariner Moose was there, too, in all his furry glory.

Eric, who was born in Walla Walla, can remember going to events like this when he was a kid.  His advice was great, I thought – keep working at it.  Try with all you’ve got, because with hard work and talent, you could be in the big leagues some day.

After the Q & A, my son and I got in line behind a woman with her own oxygen caddy and a baseball and various things to be signed.  We waited patiently in line, watched an old video they had playing of one of the greatest moments in Mariner history.  It was very calm and low key and nice; kind of small-town feeling, actually.

Finally, we got up to the table the players were sitting at and Eric signed a picture and a schedule for my son.  I noticed he was signing left-handed and just in time, I refrained from commenting to my son, “Look, he’s a lefty like you!” because OBVIOUSLY, if I were a true fan, I’d know he was a lefty and I wouldn’t need to see him sign something to figure it out!

The embarrasing moment came just seconds later as we approached Mark Lowe, but I was still staring at the incredible good looks of Eric O’Flaherty.  I was so focused on him that I tripped on the oxygen cannister of the woman in front of me.  Thank Heaven I didn’t fall to the ground, messing up everything.  Instead of the hot older babe Eric might have thought I was, he’d view me as the cruel, unfeeling broad who removed the other woman’s oxygen supply.  You know, sometimes God’s really watching out for us, don’t you think?

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