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Listening to my iPhone in its iPod mode right now – have I mentioned how much I love my new iPhone? 🙂

I watched Cocktail the other night.  Okay, maybe it’s not great cinema, but it does have some really good lines. My two faves are as follows – “Everything ends badly, otherwise it wouldn’t end.”


“There are two kinds of people in this world -the workers and the hustlers.  The hustlers never work, and the workers never hustle.”  They’re both pretty accurate, I’d say!

Well, at least it’s a cute idea – these Michiganers have decided to market a very small house, and then throw in their real one for free.

I printed this page out and now have it hanging in my office.  The statement typifies the reaction my colleagues, broker, office manager and even husband and kids have when they see me on a daily basis!

Extreme Home Makeover action happening this week (but not here, YET).

I’ve always wanted to live on the water (Pacific Ocean is my #1 pic for body-of-water-to-live-by), but I’d take the mighty Columbia River if you twisted my arm.  How about Sarah Palin?  Zillow gave us this great post last week about Sarah’s digs in AK and some scoop on McCain’s numerous real estate holdings.

From down San Diego way, Kris Berg penned this great Top Ten List which will let you know if your local Realtor is heading for a breakdown in a big way. My clients will be able to spot me at #’s 4 and 6, but hey, if I KNOW I need help, that’s the first step to recovery, right?

And kudos go out to my in-laws who celebrated (really!) 55 years of marriage this week.  Real estate tie-in?  My father-in-law has been selling houses since before I was born.  See?  You CAN be a real estate agent and happily married.  Hard to believe sometimes, I know, but true.

Stats coming later in the week.  Check back soon.

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