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If you just read my May stats post, you’ll know that sales are down in the Tri-Cities. Apparently the same dilemma is affecting neighboring Hermiston, too.

Sometimes when I’m out with clients who are relocating to the Tri-Cities, I’ll tell them that, due to our recent expansion in population and commercial ventures, we’ve experienced some growing pains. Changing school district boundaries are one of the things I’m referring to. Having recently undergone this with the elementary boundaries changing in West Richland/South Richland, I know of which I speak.

The joke in the Tri-Cities is that everything here is fifteen minutes away from everything else. Need to drive to a meeting on Pasco – you should be there in about 15. Meeting a friend for lunch in Kennewick? – allow a quarter hour travel time and you’ll be fine. So, stories like this from the far-away ‘burbs of California are fortunately not something we need to deal with. And, really, not EVERYTHING here is 15 minutes away -sometimes we can drive for – gasp! -a HALF-HOUR until we reach our destination. Back-breaking work, I tell you.

Friday was Windermere’s Community Service Day. I really dislike the out-of-doors, but I do enjoy making a difference and I like to have fiun, so I usually feel pretty conflicted on CSD. However, this year was fun from beginning to end, and I think it’s because I was with a hilarious group of agents who really went all out when given our assignment. For pics and more, check out my post on the Pasco Real Estate Blog.

And finally…this is AWESOME – not real estate-related (well, if agents still made cold calls I suppose it could be) –how to torment a telemarketer. Thanks to Hanan at grow-a-brain!

See you later!

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