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I’ve been repeating this all week until I felt like I was blue in the face.  But, here’s the scoop –

The Tri-Cities is one of only 27 cities in the nation which is not mired in a recession.  Very cool, huh?

I told you you needed to buy investment properties –


And everyone keeps saying the money currently pouring in will run out in a couple years, which is true.  But there are plans afoot to make sure we’re still keeping our heads above water even then.

More people equals more crime, right?  Not necessarily, most of the new people will come to work at Hanford, and

“People who work out there are very well-educated, law-abiding citizens,” said Benton County Sheriff Larry Taylor. “We do not anticipate any problems with the increase in people.

Read more here.

Richland’s motto is “Resilient. Resourceful. Ready.”  We all are if this article is to be believed.

Looks like everybody is getting into the act and spending money.

That’s all for this week!

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