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Happy February!

This doesn’t have anything to do with real estate directly, but it’s interesting because we have a JC Penney store at the Columbia Center mall.  And, it also shows you why I insist upon reading The Comsumerist daily.  On Thursday, The Consumerist shared this rumor about JCP closing some of its stores. But in today’s New York Times, we got confirmation, in a big way. I don’t think our JCP will be one of the stores affected.  Lately, it’s been tough for retailers in general.  However, I spoke with a friend who runs another store in the mall, and her store was outperforming others in the Northwest region. So, maybe our J.C.Penney will be safe?

Were you wondering what’s wrong with America these days?  Yes, I know it’s a time of hope, etc.  However, the country is mired in debt, hurtling downward into a deflationary spiral.  And it’s probably because, when called on the carpet, the government responds, “Well we CAN’T be expected to actually be held responsible for something we said we’d do but it doesn’t look like we will do after all…” I’m talking about the Department of Justice’s response to the lawsuit filed by the state of Washington against the Department of Energy.  I mentioned the lawsuit before in this post in November.

And of all the news released recently (we actually learned about it week before last, but I guess I didn’t remember it last Sunday), this brought the most rejoicing in my household (and other households across the state, I’m sure).  The WASL shall be no more after this year. Thank Heaven.

This last week saw a lot of great articles out in the Herald, and I’m going to touch on them later this week.  Last week I was crazy busy and never seemed to have a chance to blog about them.

Have a good week!  Go Cardinals!

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