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Well, it was an abbreviated business week for all but retailers.  My kids had the whole week off – I used to have to go to school through Wednesday of Thanksgiving week when I was a kid (and yes, I walked uphill both ways through the snow in southern California, too).  I’ll be amazed if mine make it to college – how do they learn anything if they’re in the classroom 10 days out of 30?

Apparently, other kids have faced the same dilemma and decided to cheat to excel.  Nice. This is my fave line –

“What is the social cost of that — not to mention the implication for the next generation of mortgage brokers?”


At first I rolled my eyes when I read that Washington state was suing the federal government over clean-up at Hanford.  But when I learned more about the repeated delays and therefore loads of money and potentially dangerous situations that have resulted from them, I’m all for it.  Go McKenna!  Go Gregoire! Make ’em accountable!

I don’t necessarily agree with the angle that the author took in passing on this info about giving.  But it’s probably true.  I remember writing something in my diary when I was a teenager – something about growing up to marry a guy who was really attractive, but slightly dangerous, and he had a redeeming characteristic – like he donated a lot to charity!  In any case, I thought it was a timely reminder that if we CAN give, we should, since what goes around, comes around.

And that’s it -have a great week!

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  1. Loved the blog and the article except the dig about mortgage brokers…the mortgage crisis was largely caused by banks and not individual mortgage brokers. I would agree that there are always a few bad apples that put people into mortgages they couldn’t afford but to make the reach to say that because kids cheat on their tests they would make good mortgage brokers is a pretty far (and inappropriate) reach

    Maybe I’m a bit biased though 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi, Rob!
    I thought the article was interesting, too, and I also thought the mortgage broker comment was painted with a very broad brush. If we’re going to assign blame to anyone, there are about ten people all along the line in purchasing a home at whom we could point a finger and say, “That’s the one! They caused the crisis!”
    Thanks for stopping by and contributing to the conversation.

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