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First, let me say I’m not one.  I grew up in southern California, lived in Bishop, CA, and Twin Falls, ID before landing here.  For the last several years, I wondered what it would be like to live your whole life in one spot.  Or, even go away to college but come back and build a career and family surrounded by people who remembered the time you threw up in Mrs. Roig’s 2nd grade class.  It would be strange, I would think.

You will often read of Realtors who say they’re a ‘life-long resident’ of the area in which they’re selling homes.  I don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing to broadcast. I know that that’s supposed to convey they know the inside scoop on all the neighborhoods.  And I’m sure they do.  But how much of that spills over into their job?  How much prejudice about an area comes out in their actions? 

When I moved here I was told the following; rich people live in Richland, poor people live in Pasco, and everyone else lives in Kennewick.  Long-time residents still prescribe to this maxim.  I have seen this community evolve, and because I came to it as an outsider, I have been able to follow the changes and judge each city on its own merits, as opposed to trying to fit the new city view into its previous mold.

I know life-long Kennewickians who would never live in Richland, and Pascoites who’d rather stay in a far-too-small house in order to not move across the river.  Some of the people I know who feel that way are Realtors!!! How effective are they at accurately painting a picture of life in the city they don’t want to live in?

I’m not saying don’t use a life-long resident Realtor when you’re buying real estate.  I’m saying consider the fact that a relatively new-to-the-area Realtor can have a different perspective, maybe similar to yours. And therefore, they’ll be more likely to truly listen to you and match you to the nieghborhood you’re looking for.


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