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Heather is an agent at our office who is 36 weeks pregnant.  She proudly announced to me and another agent how far along she was this morning.  I volunteered (as moms will do, which is how birth stories get relayed), “My son came at 36 and 1/2 weeks!  You could have her at any time!”

Later, during a presentation by our brokerage coach, Heather stood up to go to the bathroom.  Our coach asked, “You’re not going to have the baby are you?”  She shook her head and left the room.

When I was pregnant, I worked retail.  If someone was rude or mean, I was always tempted to grab my abdomen, grimace and mutter (like every good soap opera heroine), “I can’t lose this baby!”  No, I didn’t actually do that, ever.  I just remember wanting to.

Everyone was skittish around me during those last few weeks.  Like the coach today around Heather.  And it hit me – the stock market may be on a crazy roller-coaster ride, one or another candidate may be leading in the polls, CERN is about to split the universe apart, but people are still having babies, as they have for thousands of years.  And with babies, come stuff.  With stuff, comes the desire for a place to put it all.  And with THAT, comes the need for a bigger place to live.

When we brought our baby boy home in ’97, hubby moved out of his office, and moved his office into the dining room.  The former office then became the baby’s room.  And within a year, all of our carefully orchestrated plans for space became hopelessly unwiedly.  So we bought our first house.

People ask me all the time if houses are selling.  Of COURSE they’re selling.  They have to, people keep having babies, don’t they?

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Hi, I'm Cari McGee. 👋 I've lived in the Tri-Cities since 1994 and I've been a licensed Realtor® since 2004. That's a lot of local knowledge and real estate experience that I put into every article you read on my website! We've helped more than 560 families buy or sell property in the Tri-Cities. In 2023, our community voted us the bronze winner for Best Real Estate Team in the Tri-Cities Best voting. Learn more about me by clicking the link right above. And if you have any questions, get in touch anytime!


  1. Excellent article Cari! I appreciate the way you bring another’s story, your story, and then transition the whole thing into a real estate conclusion. And yes, Tri Cities is still having babies (as I struggle to write this with my 2-year old pestering me), and homes are still selling and buyers and buying. I keep waiting for the hammer to fall, but so far the Tri Cities seems to be on it’s own economic schedule.

    Keep up the good work. I occasionally read your blog, as well as Matt’s. You guys have a lot to offer. :o)

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Joe! I love living here, and raising my family here. I’m very pleased that it seems that we’re following our own trajectory when it comes to the housing market.

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