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I like the Internet.  I like my laptop.  I love my Mac desktop that I have at home but can’t use for business.  Our MLS (multiple listing service) doesn’t run well on Macs, so I have to use a PC, which is what my laptop is.  But the fact that I have two different kinds of computers doesn’t make me the techiest tech techster in Tri-Cities.

I love that my officemate calls me “Ms Googlemeister 2007” because if I need an answer, I go to Google. Everything from ‘is an avocado a fruit?’ to ‘lyrics for Hannah Montana’s theme song’ gets typed into the search box and the answer comes up seconds later. But the fact that I am a champion Internet searcher is not the reason I am the techiest tech techster in Tri-Cities.

I was at our local Realtor board meeting this afternoon and we were discussing the creation of a Technology Committee and who should be on it.  The woman next to me said, “Cari should be on it!  Cari is very techy!”  I shook my head.  Not in false modesty, but for good reason.  I don’t know anything about the behind-the-scenes workings of computers.  Just a week ago my Outlook Express program compacted my e-mail, which it does every week.  But this time, when it was finished, all my saved e-mail from May 25th on, had disappeared.  Now, if I were technologically inclined, I could get those e-mails back, couldn’t I?

So, people nod in agreement with the woman next to me who keeps insisting that I am a perfect candidate for the Technology Committee.  I keep protesting and finally, another woman from my office says, “She has a blog!” The man next to her contributes, (in all seriousness), “Well, if she has a blog, OF COURSE she’s technical!”

So, I have a blog. And apparently that makes me the techiest tech techster Realtor in Tri-Cities, WA! Ah, it’s good to be Queen.

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