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I traveled to Ireland over ten years ago. Before I went, and while I was there, I heard about the famous friendliness of the Irish people. If you ask for directions, they’ll close down the shop and walk with you (’tis easiest that way). Every single cashier thanked me for me ‘custom’. When we were looking for an ancient castle which had fallen into disrepair, every single person we asked for directions told us, “It’s a ruins, you know?” because they didn’t want us to be disappointed thinking there would really be something substantial to see. They’re just plain nice.

Apparently, we’re pretty nice here, too. I have clients moving here from the southeastern part of the US. We always hear about Southern hospitality. But they told me last week, “You all are just so friendly here!!” Of course, she’s very friendly, too. She asked everyone from the waiter to the cashier to someone waiting in line at the shoe store what school district they preferred. But not a soul said, “Shut up lady!” Everyone gave thought to her question and responded in a kind, hospitable manner.

Another Realtor in the office is helping a gentleman from Boston, MA. He told us the same thing. He said back home, not everyone makes eye contact. There are some strict rules of interaction to adhere to. Out West, he was at a bar and the guy next to him just struck up a conversation. At first, he ws fearful the guy didn’t have enough money for his drink and was going to hit him up for a loan. But, as the guy kept talking, he realized he was simply friendly.

I took a course a couple months ago. The instructor was from Philadelphia. He wouldn’t meet our eye when we introduced ourselves. He wasn’t shifty. He was just East-coast, where people live closer together and those same rules that they have in Boston apply.

Out West, in the Tri-Cities, or any of the more sparsely-populated areas in the state (and by sparsely populated I just mean not crammed together elbow-to elbow), we’re just welcoming, We know you have a story. Sit down, tell us about it. We’d like to hear it.

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