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My husband, Matt, and I are building our new home. This is the eighth in a series of who-knows-how-many. I’m writing from the perspective of a buyer, and an agent, since I am both in this case.

We had two important walk-throughs last week and the week before.  On the 11th, we met with the electrician to go over what we wanted, and where we wanted it.  I, personally, don’t have many electrical needs.  I just need the light to turn on when I hit the switch, the refrigerator to refrigerate, the oven to bake, the freezer to freeze, and the heat pump to heat/cool.  Oh, and my curling iron to work when I plug it in.

Matt, on the other hand, has enormous electrical needs.  He works from home, on his computer, and with lots of accompanying accessories (printer, scanner, stereo, TV, DVD, etc.).  Therefore he spent a great deal of time going over “amps” with the electrician.  After a freezing cold 45-minutes, everything was straightened out and we knew what was going where and how much power there would be.

house 1

house 2

Then, on the 17th, we walked through with Tim, the supervisor.  Tim invited us to take pictures before the drywall was installed, covering up all the tubes and wires and studs.  That way, if we wanted to make changes later, or even to hang items from the wall, we’d know exactly where a crucial wire or pipe would be, so we wouldn’t mess things up, and so things would be easier.  That was a very informative meeting, and we feel confident that what needs to be done has been done and we’re on to the next step.

I think the house is going to be closed off to non-worker access from this point on.  Almost everything that needed to be done outside has been completed, and now everything will be done inside.  They lock the doors so random passers-by (and future homeowners!) can’t traipse through and disturb the work.  Heavy sigh.

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