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I wrote a word  at the end of the last post, but the word so well describes how I feel about getting our home ready for the market, I’m going to use it again –


There is so much to do!  We need to paint the interior, replace all the flooring, and change out the kitchen counter tops.  I think my favorite part of explaining all I am doing to my real estate colleagues is when they ask, “Are you SURE you need to do all that?”

My answer – “I want to sell it quickly for a good amount, so yes, I do need to do all that.”

We tackled the painting first.  And when I say “we”, I mean we paid someone to do it for us.  As Matt and I do not have the skill-set necessary to build our new home, we do not have the skill-set necessary to paint with any sort of aptitude.  It would take us twice as long as it took the guys we hired, and our marriage would likely be sorely tested.  “Is that the second coat?  Doesn’t look like you were there before…” “Yes, dear, I painted that yesterday, and now I am going back through the entire living room.” And on and on and on…

We hired the guys from Cleancraft to paint.  They also do all our odd jobs like replacing plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, and anything beyond light-bulb changing.

They asked us to get everything off our walls and away from our walls.  As a result, our house looked like we were in an episode of Hoarders.

IMG 0016

See?  It was nuts.

We’re getting a bid for the flooring this week, and the counter tops will be installed by the same guy who is doing the flooring.  He up-sold me into doing a tumbled tile back splash in the kitchen, too.  I want things to be nice for the new owners, but I didn’t think I wanted it to be THAT nice!

Next up – the meeting at Colortile, where we pick out the trimmings for our new house – flooring, counters, cabinetry, etc.  THAT should be very interesting!



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