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Sorrow in the Tri-Cities

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We lose people everyday.  It would be great if no one under 75 knew a contemporary who died, but unfortunately, they do. Earlier this month, I wrote about Matthew Blacketter, a nine-year-old, hanging on despite cancerous tumors spreading through his body. He passed from this world to the next on Monday, and now he doesn’t […]

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Happy Halloween

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My son’s idea of Hell is dressing up as someone he is not and asking strangers for candy.  My daughter’s idea of Heaven is the same thing. Daughter and I went out and trick-or-treated almost to exhaustion. We saw tons of people I knew and some kids from her class at school  – glassy-eyed and […]

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Us vs. Them?

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I was contacted a while back by a woman who is interested in keeping a portion of West Richland and Richland undeveloped.  A portion of the land is currently zoned RR-5, which means there can be one house every five acres. She said she felt that many like-minded conservationists viewed Realtors as the ‘them’ in […]

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Life in West Richland, WA

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I would imagine that if you had a good childhood (as I did), you would want to have your children’s childhoods be as similar to yours as possible. My husband grew up in Levittown, PA, which is about thirty minutes outside of Philadelphia.  I grew up in Hacienda Heights, CA which is about thirty minutes outside of Los Angeles.  […]

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