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REB Flashback

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I talked to someone today whose husband told her that our entire area was full of foreclosures and that they needed to wait just about a year to buy, and then they could pick up any place they wanted for next to nothing. Well, he’s totally wrong, and I remembered writing about how Washington state […]

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Days of Wine and Roses in West Richland

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You can’t grow either without water, and in this land surrounded by three rivers, water isn’t always readily available where you want it, when you want it.  And you’ll certainly pay to get it. In Sunday’s Tri-City Herald, they printed an interesting story about the LID (Local Improvement District) coming to Red Mountain, which is where the […]

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Mariners’ Caravan drops by the Tri-Cities

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I went with my 10-year-old son to the Mariner’s Caravan event at CBC last night.  Pitchers Eric O’Flaherty and Mark Lowe answered questions and autographed everything handed to them.  The Mariner Moose was there, too, in all his furry glory. Eric, who was born in Walla Walla, can remember going to events like this when he […]

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Helpful info for the Renters Out There

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no matter where you live – every state has rules re: the tenant/landlord relationship.  Check out how your state (brought to us by the hardworking folks at The Consumerist) thinks it should be. Note: I know it looks like all I do is read The Consumerist all day, but I promise, I really do sell real […]

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