Tri-Cities, WA

Heads Up on your Home Mortgage

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I’ve posted about this before…be sure to contact your lender if times get tough.  Also, I’ve asked to PLEASE use a local lender because loanguyontheinternet-dot-com doesn’t care about you and they don’t care about their local reputation.  The erudite Rhonda Porter penned this great reminder about how bad lenders do business and how good lenders don’t.  If you […]

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Tri-Cities Schools and the WASL

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I, personally, dislike the WASL (Washington Assessment of Student Learning) as a tool to measure our children’s academic process.  That’s my disclaimer right from the get-go.  My son tells me that his classmates claim that WASL stands for “Wasting All Students Lives”.  Basically, I agree. Recently, the Tri-City Herald posted the scoring breakdown for our area schools, in an article […]

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Us vs. Them?

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I was contacted a while back by a woman who is interested in keeping a portion of West Richland and Richland undeveloped.  A portion of the land is currently zoned RR-5, which means there can be one house every five acres. She said she felt that many like-minded conservationists viewed Realtors as the ‘them’ in […]

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Tremendous Growth for Pasco, WA

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in ’06, but it didn’t even grow as much as it had in ’02,’03,’04 and ’05!  Fantastic! Last year, Pasco’s population grew 5.5%. Total Tri-Cities population now stands at 168,650.  West Richland adds another 10,000+ people to the mix.  My favorite quote from the Tri-City Herald’s story is from Dean Schau, our local doom-and-gloom economist (yes, I know […]

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