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Walkability in the Tri-Cities

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I thought Zillow came up with this “walk score” feature a while ago, but maybe I am wrong.  There’s a separate url for walk scores, not affiliated with Zillow, to my knowledge, over at http://www.walkscore.com . The Walk Score is supposed to indicate the desirability of a city or a neighborhood.  The higher a walk […]

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Pasco’s Foreclosure “Problem”

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The Tri-City Herald reported today that Pasco was granted about $400,000 from the federal government to help with foreclosures.  Psssst – here’s the thing – it’s not really an issue. As the city manager, Gary Crutchfield said, It’s a good opportunity to address the relatively small problem that we have… Pasco was the only one […]

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Western White House in Pasco, WA

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I was previewing properties in Pasco the other day and I spotted the perfect spot for Tuesday’s Presidential election winner to build vacation quarters. Because even if Obama wins, it would be a great ironic twist, don’t you think? There are 11 lots available at the site, 1/2 acre each, so that means the Pres. […]

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