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“Experiencing” Real Estate

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I’ve been hearing a lot lately about ‘the experience’. Why do you shop at Nordstrom?  Because it’s a shopping ‘experience’.  Why do you buy your tires at Les Schwab?  Because they run out to greet you…it’s an ‘experience’.  Why buy your coffee at Starbucks?  Because it’s not just a latte, it’s an ‘experience’. The current […]

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The non-Internet home buyer

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…seems like an endangered species, but they’re out there. I got a call the other day from a guy on the west side of the state (Redmond, to be exact), who might want to move over here.  He’s retired, no family, nothing that would draw him here or keep him here, except for the excellent […]

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Tri-Cities, WA Solds, Under Contracts and Active Listings for March 2007

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It’s time for the statitician readers (you know who you are!) to get really excited. First quarter results are in for 2007…and, compared to the same period last year Active listings are DOWN Solds are DOWN Prices, as you would then expect, are UP Average price 2007Q1,$182,960 2006Q1,$176,200…103.8% INCREASE Median price 2007Q1 $165,300 2006Q1 $157,000…105.2% […]

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Answering FAQ about Tri-Cities Home Rentals

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Our local office now has a residential property management division, and I couldn’t be happier about it.  I frequently get calls from out-of-town investors who want to purchase a home here for investment purposes, and then rent it out.  My forte is selling residences to people who want to live here, and interact in our community […]

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