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Take-Your-Husband-and-Son-To-Work Day

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Sat down with the husband and our nine-year-old son last night to watch HGTV’S House Hunters. Normally, they’re watching sports, but for whatever reason, they were watching that show.  I joined them and we saw a couple working with a realtor, looking for a five-bedroom house.   My son Sean asked me if showing houses was hard work.  […]

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New Homes in West Richland, WA

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Hayden Homes has built its new model home on Chris St.  This next phase of the Harvest Meadows subdivision is supposed to be a step up from their usual product, with lots of features and upgrades that will be standard, which were upgrades before.  Hayden Homes has come such a long way from their first incarnation along […]

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This little piggy went to market

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this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had breast milk, and this little piggy had none… I am not usually a boat-rocker, I’m not into disrupting the status quo, but when someone is threatened with legal action for doing something completely legal, and in fact, humorous, I get annoyed.  Therefore, when you get a […]

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Where is everybody coming from?

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I am asked this question a lot.  I’m asked it most often by people who have spent most of their lives in the Tri-Cities, and they don’t understand why we’ve suddenly been ‘discovered’.  There is so much development going on, and we still have land readily available, no wonder people are moving here.  We had a net […]

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Tri-Cities, WA becomes Onecity, WA?

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In today’s Tri-City Herald, I read that they’re soliciting opinions about consolidating the Tri-Cities into one. Apparently, the last time it was considered was about 20 years ago, which was before my time here. I wonder what everyone thought of it then? What would it be like if we were one big city? Where would […]

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