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Oodles of Googles

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It is standard procedure when someone I don’t know contacts me via my web site or a floor call, to google them.  I basically check to see if they have a criminal record or were mentioned in the paper for some nefarious reason.  It’s not fail-safe, by any means.  Another agent did the same thing and nothing negative […]

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Mariners’ Caravan drops by the Tri-Cities

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I went with my 10-year-old son to the Mariner’s Caravan event at CBC last night.  Pitchers Eric O’Flaherty and Mark Lowe answered questions and autographed everything handed to them.  The Mariner Moose was there, too, in all his furry glory. Eric, who was born in Walla Walla, can remember going to events like this when he […]

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Sunday Round-up

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White Sales used to dominate the marketplace in January.  As a holdover perhaps, it turns out that January is still a good month to buy bedding… When to Buy For the Best Deals This probably made its way to your local paper, too; it did mine Meanest Mom in the World Takes Care of Business!!! […]

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Love thy neighbor

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It’s snowing in the Tri-Cities! And it’s really coming down. Two weeks to the day when it could have been a White Christmas.  Ah, well… I was listening to Delilah on the radio (don’t make fun of me, she’s so soothing!) a few weeks ago and someone wrote a letter recounting her favorite Christmas memory.  The woman grew up […]

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Links Back to the Week That Was

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Some of these will come from last year, as I just decided to put interesting links together in one post every Sunday, so a few are from a while ago. Enjoy! The kids over at Consumerist knocking out another good post. This one is about the hidden dangers of not returning your library book on […]

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