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A milestone of sorts…

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In July, we reached an average home sale price of…ta da, fanfare please…$200,000! The median home price is at $174.8, which is also the highest that number has ever been. And look what’s happening over in King County. I don’t know…my mom (by way of Aesop)  always told me that slow and steady wins the […]

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Stat stuff

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I usually think of myself as being a creative person, somewhat free-spirited, not overly-organized or meticulous (which, on this blog, is code for anal-retentive). But I do like the statistics.  I surprise myself at how much time I can spend studying bar graphs and pie-charts.  So, if you’re at all like me, have fun with this.

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Relocating to the Tri-Cities, WA?

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Then ask yourself these questions. They seem pretty obvious to me, but in the early years of our marriage, my husband and I moved three times in four years, so I was used to it.  They definitely provide food for thought. We moved back before awesome Internet tools did the cost-of-living differences for you.  In […]

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Ten Kitchen Design Mistakes

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according to Consumer Reports. I couldn’t agree more with #8…the concrete counters.  Call me unimaginative, but concrete is for walking on, not preparing food on. I was surprised to read that the ‘super ranges’ aren’t much more super than a regular range.  Of course, I think it’s because even walking into my kitchen and seeing a […]

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