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In today’s paper, there was an article on replacing your dishwasher in time for all the holiday washing-up that accompanies turkey and all the trimmings. I’m linking to it because they interview a local appliance firm, Garrison’s.  Garrison’s has always been extremely helpful whenever I have or a client has had a question about appliances, […]

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Happy Halloween

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My son’s idea of Hell is dressing up as someone he is not and asking strangers for candy.  My daughter’s idea of Heaven is the same thing. Daughter and I went out and trick-or-treated almost to exhaustion. We saw tons of people I knew and some kids from her class at school  – glassy-eyed and […]

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True in Any Real Estate Market

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My brothers used to threaten to burn my Little House books when I picked up Little Town on the Prairie to read for the twenty-third time. One brother drew body parts on my Raggedy Ann doll.  The same brother would tie my Fisher Price Little People to paper napkins acting as some sort of parachute contraption and […]

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