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Interest Rates DROP

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I’m due to write a review for one of my FAVORITE lunch places, and I’ll get it done shortly.  BUT, for those of you who check my blog daily, and are considering refinancing or purchasing a home (and you know who you are), hie thee to a lender, please.  As per Rhonda Porter at The […]

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Homeowners Fight Back and WIN!

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Note: Whenever I use the term ‘fight back’, I think of David Horowitz and his TV show which aired in the 70’s. That was good TV, I tell you.  Great, now I have the theme song running through my head. Anyway, some Staten Island Homeowners were pressured into a high-cost subprime loan, when they would have […]

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Help from Washington – D.C., that is

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Some people wanted more help for those struggling with their subprime mortgages.  Others thought they shouldn’t be helped out at all.  The Bush group compromised with this plan.  This paragraph struck me – The administration plan is designed to deal with the crisis by letting subprime borrowers who are living in their homes and are […]

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