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I’m thrilled to announce the formation of the Cari McGee Real Estate Team! You may have seen the black and yellow logo popping up here or there without much fanfare, but now all of the paperwork is in place and I’m finally able to share the news far and wide. We’ve just re-launched my website, CariMcGee.com, and while it still reflects me and my business the most, that’ll change to focus on the team as we grow.

If you’re not in real estate, you may not know what it means to form a team and why I’m so excited about it, so let me explain what it is and where it’s going.

What’s a real estate team? Is it like a brokerage/agency?

A team is collection of agents working together; some will specialize with buyers, some specialize with sellers, but all will bring their “A” game to selling real estate, no matter whom they represent. Also part of the team are the “behind the scenes” folks — the people who handle the administrative tasks, making sure the Is are dotted and the Ts are crossed, and the people who handle the details that make every job we take on for a client look effortless.

We’re not a brokerage. Our team is proud to be part of Keller Williams Realty – Tri-Cities, and we’re based out of the Keller Williams office in Kennewick.

What are the benefits to home buyers/sellers?

When a client hires the team, they have more people working for them, which makes things faster, easier, and more efficient. If I am unavailable to show a house, another team member can do that. When we take a new listing, every agent on the team is actively searching for the right buyer. Paperwork is processed quickly by the administrative professionals, so there won’t be any delays because the agent “hasn’t gotten around to that yet.”

What are the benefits to agents of joining a team?

From your first day on the team, one-on-one coaching is provided, leads are generated, paperwork is processed, and marketing collateral is created. The atmosphere is one of growth and positivity and success-seeking. Whether you’re brand new to the business and need to know how to get started, or have been in for a while and just want to walk in to the office every morning, start making phone calls, and not have to worry about the minutiae of each transaction, you will find a great environment here. It’s our promise to each other.

Who’s on the team now?

Right now, we’re three people strong and ready to grow:

  • Cari McGee, Managing Broker, Head Coach, CEO
  • Matt McGee, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
  • Lisa Knuter-Peach, CAO (Chief Administrative Officer)

What’s next?

Watch for more information and more exciting changes to come! When you hire the Cari McGee Real Estate Team, you’re hiring several people for the price of just one. And when you are part of the Cari McGee Real Estate Team, you’re becoming part of a group of people who seek out success at every turn.

Thank you to all of the friends, family members and past clients who’ve helped make this possible through your support, encouragement, referrals and business.

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