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This is part of my 10th anniversary series wherein I look back at the business in 2004, when I started, and compare or contrast things (like on the SAT!) to now.

My first agent picture was this one –


I remember thinking that I needed something like a jacket or a blazer for my picture. I needed something professional, kind of “grown up”, with detail at the neckline.

A couple year later, this was my agent photo –


I have always liked that picture. My husband said I should have worn a darker color for a greater contrast. But I like seafoam green and it was Spring and I thought it looked good. I used that picture for YEARS, from 2005 or 2006 to 2010, I think.

Then my agent shot became this far-more-casual one –

Thinking of this as my new agent head shot Please

With the advent of Facebook and mobile uploads, I had a lot more choices for pictures. It felt kind of freeing to use what was essentially a snap shot, but what was a good one, I felt. If I smile too widely, as I often do, and did in that shot, my eyes kind of become obliterated by the big pads of chub I have on my cheeks. An old friend always wanted me to lose weight when I was younger because “people can’t see your beautiful eyes when your face is so full”. That picture always reminds me of that admonition. But, I like it, anyway.

And finally, last year I began using this one –


I like it. I liked it more when it was taken, but I have lost 32 pounds since that was taken, so it’s time for a new one.

I’m toying with going back to the snapshot approach and using this one –


I’m totally kidding!! But since this year the Seahawks are ON FIRE, it might not be a bad idea 😉

So, who would you prefer to hire to help you sell or buy your home? Let me know in the comments!

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Cari McGee

I've been a licensed Realtor since 2004. I earned my managing broker's license in 2016, which means I can run my own brokerage, or create a team of real estate agents and supervise them, which is exactly what I did when I formed the Cari McGee Real Estate Team in 2018! We have administrative and marketing personnel, as well as additional agents to serve you. I became a director of the Tri-Cities Association of Realtors Board of Directors in 2016, became Secretary/Treasurer of the organization, and was elected to Vice President in 2019.

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