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There is a child who was my son’s classmate at school this year.  He attended for about a week, then went on a trip to DisneyWorld with his family.  He came back to school after that, for one day.

He had had a persistent cough in December of ’06.  His parents took him to the doctor and they discovered he had lung cancer.  Stage 4.  At eight-years-old.

At Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane, WA, he was treated with the known methods for kicking cancer’s ass – chemotherapy and radiation.  He was recovering.  Things were looking up for the family.  The trip to DisneyWorld and other Florida attractions were a Make-a-Wish fulfillment.  Awesome fun for a nine-year-old.

Back to the doctor two days after his return from Florida.  A full body scan at Sacred Heart revealed brain tumors.  Fifteen of them.  The cancer was spreading through his body at a rapid rate.  He had a few weeks left to live.

This kid has hung on, against all odds.  His neighborhood in West Richland held a Ride for Matthew.  Bikers rode from Flat Top Park to Matthew’s street.  Friends and family and firemen surrounded the boy to show support and caring.  The children offered gifts and the parents held back tears.  I know because I attended.

The family went to make funeral arrangements and discovered they didn’t have enough money for a funeral for their son.

If you have your health and a little bit of money, please consider donating to the Matthew Blacketter Fund at GESA Credit Union.  If every person who reads this blog donates $10, the fund will have over $250 at the end of the week as a result.

Go to any GESA office and tell them you want to donate to the Matthew Blacketter Fund.  They know what to do.

And if you have your health, and no money to spare, then pray.  Pray hard for this child and this family. 

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