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I grew up in the Los Angeles area, and when there would be a contest on one of the local radio stations, they’d take an answer from “caller 56” or “caller 72”. My brother grew up to work in radio. His first on-air job was in Lubbock, TX. I remember he told me he used to laugh because the station was so small, that for a contest, they’d take “caller 2” or “caller 7” because they only had 8 lines!

It must be the same way at our radio station because this morning, my ten-year-old called in, as caller 4, and correctly answered the BT Trivia question on KONA (610 AM) during the morning show! The question was how tall is Brad Garrett, and they said he’d be right if he guessed within two inches. He guessed 6’6” and the answer is apparently 6’8″. We haven’t even watched Everybody Loves Raymond!

I was thinking on the way to work this morning how great it is that we live in a community large enough to get a lot of the benefits of big-city life (we’d be the 4th largest city in the state if we were all one city), but still small enough that a ten-year-old can be the fourth caller and win!

BTW, he won a free car wash (he is trying to figure out if I should get that, or if he should give it to his dad), a round of golf at a local course (obviously going to Dad), and two tickets to the CREHST museum (which he loves to visit). He was walking on air on the way to school today!

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