Selling a Home


Selling a home can be exciting for some, and emotional for others. It’s never easy to leave a home where so many of life’s best memories have happened.

No matter the circumstance of your decision to sell, selling a home is hard work. Having a real estate agent you can trust to help you do it right can take a lot of the hard work, hassle, and worry away.

When to Sell Your Tri-Cities Home

It’s a good idea to put your home on the market as far in advance of your move as possible. If you wait too long, and your home doesn’t sell before you buy a new home, you may end up with two mortgages.

But you should also consider the current real estate market. How fast are homes in your neighborhood and estimated value selling? I can help you with that important information.

Get Your Home Ready to Sell

An attractive and well-kept home will attract potential buyers driving on your street. Your home’s “curb appeal” is an important factor. Consider the landscaping, the condition of your roof, chimneys and gutters, and the garage and driveway. Minor improvements that fix-up these things can help sell your home more quickly and at a better price.

While “curb appeal” will attract potential buyers, it’s the inside of the home that will close the deal for you. Rule No. 1: Make sure your home is clean! Carpets, floors, and windows should be as like-new as possible. The more ready-to-live-in your home is, the more buyers will want to live in your home.

Setting a Price

You want to get as much revenue out of your home as possible, but it’s important to set a fair price when listing your home. No matter what you think your home is worth, the actual value will be determined by current market conditions and by what a qualified buyer is willing to offer. Houses that remain on the market too long often do so because the seller overestimated his home’s value.

Don’t make that mistake! Contact me for a FREE market analysis comparing your home’s value with other homes in your area that have sold recently.

The Benefits of a Real Estate Agent

You can try to sell your home without an agent and save the costs of a commission. Of course, buyers who see For-Sale-By-Owner listings know the seller is trying to save money and often offer less for the home, wiping out any financial gain from going it alone.

As your seller’s representative, I will:

  • share ideas to make your home more attractive to buyers
  • help you set a fair asking price for your home
  • promote your home to other agents and list your property in multiple listing services.
  • create, pay for, and place advertising for you
  • schedule appointments to show your home to potential buyers
  • help you find sources for insurance, inspections, legal counsel and financing
  • screen buyers and eliminate those who will not qualify for a mortgage
  • help you negotiate with the buyer
  • be with you until all paperwork is signed and the sale is final

Sound great? Let’s get started!

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